Truecaller is the biggest online mobile number directly that has almost all numbers details including your email address, your name, and your location. I love this Truecaller application because it does a lot of things for me such as blocking the spam phone calls and message automatically, which is pretty good. But, as we all know that Truecaller harvests a lot of private data to provide his services. So,  Many people are beware of their privacy and wanted to delete Truecaller account or they want to unlist their mobile number completely from the library of the Truecaller app.

So, if you want to delete your truecaller account/number and want to unlist your number completely so that whenever any person will search your mobile number on truecaller, then it won’t show your details then this article is for you.

In this article, I am going to share the exact same methods, by which you can unlist your mobile number and delete your Truecaller account completely.


Delete Truecaller Account

Here Is The List Of Your Data, That TrueCaller Collects

Here is the list of information, that Truecaller collects from your smartphone. ( You Can Read Complete Information On Their Privacy Policy Page )

Delete Truecaller Account


Delete Truecaller Account

If you are using the Truecaller app on your iPhone or in your android smartphone, then you already know that truecaller needs to access your contacts, your messages, and other private things so that truecaller can block unwanted spam messages and calls for you.

But, there is a huge privacy issue, Truecaller app has permission to access your private calls and SMS.  Many people belives that truecaller is a privacy risk, hence they want to delete their truecaller information permanently and here is the procedure to do so. Follow these simple methods to take off your mobile number from truecaller listing.


How To Delete Your Truecaller Account

If you want that, No one can search you on Truecaller and you want to block all details that shown up on the truecaller application when anyone searches your mobile number or when you call someone, then follow these below steps.

  • Open Truecaller application on your smartphone.
  • After that, Navigate to settings and then click on “About Truecaller”
  • Tap On “Deactivate Account”

Delete Truecaller Account


  • Now, it will ask you “Do you want to deactivate your account? All the settings and information will be deleted.” Just click on “Yes“.

Delete Truecaller Account

  • Bingo. Your truecaller account is now deleted 🙂

Note – 

Deleting Your TrueCaller Account won’t delete your personal information that is already uploaded or synced on the truecaller servers. So to remove your information completely, You need to follow these below steps to unlist your truecaller number completely.


How To Unlist My Truecaller Number?

To Remove Your Information completely from Truecaller servers, Follow these below steps.

  • First of all, Open this Link in your browser.
  • Enter Your Truecaller mobile number by using your country code. Suppose, My Number Is “0000000000” then I will enter “+910000000000”. ( Where +91 is my Country Code, That is, India )


Delete Truecaller Account


  • Complete the Captcha Verification and click on “Unlist Phone Number
  • It will show that “Are you sure you want to unlist your phone number? This means you can no longer use the app.” Just click on “Unlist”.

Delete Truecaller Account


  • Bingo. Your personal information is now completely deleted from the Truecaller app servers. Enjoy your privacy.


Delete Truecaller Account


Conclusion :

After following these mentioned steps carefully, Your personal details from the truecaller servers will be deleted within 24 hours. After that whenever you call someone or when anyone searches for the number on truecaller, they were unable to find your details.

However, if you do this, then you were unable to use the truecaller application. But, if you want to protect your privacy, then I personally recommended you remove the truecaller application and after that to unlist your mobile number completely.

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