In the year 2019, the gaming industry is going very fast and when we talk about the application that gamer uses the most, that is discord application. This application is used worldwide for all gamers. You can create amazing bots, auto-reply and make it totally automatic. In this article, I am going to share the exact same method, by which you can create your own discord server and you will also learn, How To Add Bots To Discord server and channels.

Managing the public groups, setting up group rules, monitoring the users and there are lots of other things that you need to manage manually but, if you are using the discord server, then you can automate these tasks by creating these discord bots, After all, discord is one of the most popular applications among the gamers and also in other community.

How To Add Bots To Discord

Server Monitoring Discord Bot

Adding Bots to your Discord server is quite easy and pretty helpful for communities. No matter, you are using discord servers on your smartphone or on your laptop, You can also add bots to Discord servers on mobile.  You just need to follow the exact same method, that I mentioned below.

If you want to search automatically created discord bots, then you can check out the Carbonitex website, an unofficial website for searching and checking the discord bots. On this website, You can search for some amazing discord bots and simply you can add them to your own discord server.

Note – You can only add bots to your discord channels if you have ” Manage Server” permission enabled to your server.

How To Add Bots To Discord Server


How To Add Bots To Discord Server ( Step By Step Guide )

  • Open Discord official website and login with your discord username and password.

Note – Make sure that “Manage Server” is enabled for you.

  • Now, Open the Carbonitex website from here – Click here
  • Login With Your Discord Username and Password and authorize the Carbonitex website.


How To Add Bots To Discord Server


  • Next, click on  “Add Carbon to Server” and again authorize your discord server/channel.
  • After that, click on “Discord Bots” and here you will see amazing discords bots. To add them to your channel, You need to click on “Add Bot To Server“.

How To Add Bots To Discord Server


  • Now, Select your discord server and Boom! All done 🙂 Your chosen discord bot is now added to your channel/Server.

By following these steps, you can use add discord bots to your servers. Discord is one of the most popular Android and iPhone applications to manage your servers. Besides this, you can also check out, best video editing applications for iPhone.


What Are The Some Best Discord Bots ( Year 2020 )

There is an infinite list of discord bots available all over the internet. So, it is quite hard for users to find some important discord bots for managing the servers. Below are some amazing bots that you can add to your servers easily. These are the some best discord bots.

1. Groovy – Best Discord Bot For Music

Groovy is the best discord platform for music lovers. In this discord channel, you can manage your songs easily and the Groovy server allows you to queue your songs from most of the popular music sources from the internet. Its free version gives amazing features but you can also purchase the premium version of it.

2. MEE6 – Create Your Own Commands

There is no doubt that MEE6 is one of the most popular bot available for discord servers. This Bot allows you to create your own commands for your users and automate your moderate rules for your servers. You can easily set up rules, send push notifications and do a lot of other things that you want.

Also, You can set up a personalized greeting message for all the new members that are joining to your servers.



Finally, you added the bots to your discord servers. Use these amazing bots to managing your servers so that most of your tasks will be automatically completed by your bots. These bots are much more similar to IFTTT features. So I hope that you will like this complete guide on How To Add Bots To Discord channels. Meanwhile, share this article with your other discord buddies and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram for more interesting content like this.

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